Ireland is truly nation of tea-drinkers. Four million pints of tea are consumed every day in Ireland, and it seems the answer to all of life's great problems is "Just have a cuppa".

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Barry vs Lyons

Coming to Ireland, a veritable tea connoisseur might experience a proper cultural shock, confronting the 'vast' selection of teas. So forget about your fancy 'Japanese cherry sencha'. A quick glance at the graphs below will give you the right idea: it's either Barry's or Lyons tea here. Fullstop. 
These Irish tea giants have not only monopolized supermarket space but captured people's minds, forever and ever. No jokes! There are serious fan wars happening out there… On which side of the fence do you sit and sip your cuppa?
































































How do you prepare that perfect cup'o'tay?

 Using a specially developed pantone range of tea shades; from ‘perfect tan’ to ‘milky way’, it was revealed that ‘perfect tan ’is the best tea shade for 20 percent of Irish people’ (Irish Central)


Check this fun and easy step-by-step tea making guide:


Psychologist prove: "small courtesies, warm smiles and making a cup of tea the way someone likes it, shows recognition and awareness – that you care about them".

So go on, take a minute and put the kettle on ;) 



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